Clean Oceans: Beneath the Surface - Underwater Cleanup Campaign

By Franco Germondari

Supporting the AWARE Foundation's effort in marine conservation

I'm raising funds to support the AWARE Foundation's incredible efforts in marine conservation. They're on the front lines, working tirelessly to safeguard our precious underwater ecosystems and the creatures that call them home.

I believe underwater and beach cleanups are an important tool to raise awareness of the effect of human activity and to preserve our Oceans. 

We all love to dive, but everyone has probably dived in locations badly affected by debris.  Donating will help to support clean up efforts to keep our oceans in a way that will allow us to enjoy their wonders for generations to come.

Ready to make waves for marine conservation?

Every dollar you contribute brings us one step closer to preserving the magic of our oceans.

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Cleanup - Oman

Friday 5th Jul
We just completed last weekend our most challenging cleanup to date. A very large fishing net was covering several square meters of this pristine reef in Oman called Nasser's Wal in the Dimaniyat Island marine Reserve.
Fishing nets can seriously damage the coral reef and endanger the marine life that lives within it. It was a exceptional team effort to lift over 700kg of nets in 2 different cleanups and 3 total dives.
We even engaged the local coast guard to assist us in lifting the net and dispose of it. Well done to @omantascuba for organizing this great event and thanks to all those that participated in the endeavor. Other sites in this pristine ecosystem are afflicted by similar debris and we'll be back in the near future for more cleanup operations.

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