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By Amy M Kline

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Supporting the AWARE Foundation's effort in marine conservation

I'm raising funds to support the AWARE Foundation's incredible efforts in marine conservation. They're on the front lines, working tirelessly to safeguard our precious underwater ecosystems and the creatures that call them home.

Every dollar you contribute brings us one step closer to preserving the magic of our oceans.

Together, we can ensure that generations to come can experience the wonder of our oceans.

Ready to make waves for marine conservation? Your generosity, no matter the amount, will create ripples of change that will be felt far and wide.

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Tuesday 7th May
If you know me, you know. I have joined conservation voyages as a citizen scientist, I have personally dived against debris, I am happiest underwater. I want to preserve and improve the most beautiful place on this earth for others to enjoy. 

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Amy M Kline